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Mississauga ON Canada


2016, Amel Abouelhassan


Success Coach

Amel Abouelhassan, the founder of Dare-Aim-Succeed is an award-winning, results-centered, solutions-oriented Coach. She applies the latest scientific methodologies of positive psychology in helping teams & organizations to build flourishing, effective and positive culture that cultivates a growth mindset focused on possibilities and potential opportunities. Amel supports & inspires organizations to move past their perceived challenges and boosts their courage & confidence to press forward. Amel has an engaging, magnetic personality with excellent interpersonal skills. Amel is an advocate of trust & collaborative effort that leads to win-win deals. Amel is recognized for having proactive & professional attitude with keen aptitude to lead change and cause meaningful, lasting & substantial progress.

Highlights of Competencies
- Creative, Innovative, Professional
- Fascinating Presenter with Engaging Presence
- Compassionate. Active Listener, Win-win Oriented ü Motivating, Solution-Oriented, Critical Thinker
- Pleasant, Positive, Empowering
- Leader, Influencer, Persuasive Communicator
- Collaborative, Fun, Organized