Personal coaching sessions are a more focused type of work, tailored to the specific needs of our client.

At Dare-Aim-Succeed we specialize in...

1) Leadership Consulting/Coaching
         A) Help mangers, senior leaders & executives:

  • Lead with compassion to manage changes and to successfully & smoothly guide their teams through transitions
  • Put together an overall strategic plan that is aligned with the long-term & short-term visions
  • Elicit their teams’ strengths & unique talents to construct a progress plan based on win-win objectives
  • Foster & Establish strong & open relationships to positively influence individuals at all levels
  • Create loyal & more engaged culture
  • Transition into higher leadership positions while balancing their personal priorities & their professional aspirations

        B) Help small business owners:

  • Understand their uniqueness & how to stand-out
  • Improve the performance of themselves & their team
  • Communicate and delegate effectively
  • Manage feeling overwhelmed & regain a sense of control
  • Cultivate Individual’s/Staff’s level of ownership & personal accountability
  • Best serve their clients to grow their business

2) Personal Leadership Coaching
      Help individuals:

  • Understand more about: themselves, their mental habits & their emotions
  • Develop a clear vision about their lives
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop Resilience (trust themselves, face their problems, cultivate patience, hopefulness, courage & self-confidence)
  • Appreciate & respect themselves, the people around them, and enjoy their lives by focusing on what really counts/matters

The Dare-Aim-Succeed Coaching Approach

A) Factors of Success:
    As our client, your level of success in attaining results depends on:

  • Your clarity about what you want to achieve
  • Your honesty and the level of detail you provide during the sessions
  • The time you devote to your sessions
  • The effort and commitment you put in after and in-between the sessions in implementing the ideas and strategies offered to you by your coach

B) Framework:
Dare-Aim-Succeed framework defines the success milestones into:
   The Big Five Success Steps:

  1. Assess the Current Sate
  2. Lay out the Desired State
  3. Develop Strategies to go from Current State to Desired State
  4. Implement Strategies
  5. Track Progress & Challenges of the Strategies Implemented

At the end, you will have a new current state and together we will go through the process again until you reach your desired state. It is absolutely normal if the desired state keeps getting higher, because the desired state is the standard that you want to create & maintain for yourself. Your coach is sincere about your growth and well-being.

C) Coaching Business Conduct Guidelines:
   In the one-on-one coaching sessions, the structure of work is as follows:

    i) Consultation Session

  • If you haven't met your coach before (you don't know them) or you are uncertain about what coaching is or whether or not it is the answer to the challenges that you are facing, you may request a consultation session at first. In your consultation session, you'll meet with your assigned coach, you'll explain the challenges you are currently facing, the coach will listen to you and tell you if it is something they can help you with.
  • Consultation session is 30 minutes long.
  • After this session, if you feel comfortable working with your coach and you choose to move forward with the coaching, then you can choose from any of the plans below.

    ii) 3-Sessions-Bundle (3 Weeks) Plan

  • The intent of this plan is to give you a Real Taste of coaching: what to expect, what it can do for you, how you respond and interact with your coach, how the suggested strategies can serve you and so on.
  • As the title suggests, this is a contract between you (the client) and your coach to work together for 3 coaching sessions. During those sessions, you explain in more details the challenges that are negatively impacting your life and your desired goals.
  • The sessions are 60 minutes long each, once a week.
  • At the end of each session, you will be offered some strategies to implement in order to help you get closer to your intended & desired goals. This is your homework.
  • Your homework will be discussed with you in your next session with your coach to make sure you are on your progress track.

    iii) 12 Sessions (3 Months) Plan

  • This is the First Level of Serious Commitment by you to change your life and achieve your goals.
  • The sessions are 60 minutes long each, once a week.
  • During this time together with your coach, you both chart the course for how to reach from where you are to where you want to be.
  • At the end of each session, you will be offered some strategies to implement in order to help you get closer to your intended & desired goals.

    iv) 6 Months Plan

  • Depending on what you want to achieve and how much work you need to do, this can be the most suitable option for you. This is Level II - Serious Commitment - the commitment is to yourself - to your life.
  • This option is geared towards more long-tern type goals and your need to have your coach by your side guiding you along the way to achieve your goals.
  • The sessions are 60 minutes long each, once a week.

    v) 9 Months Plan / vi) One Year Plan

  • Everyone is different - different in their needs, in their life-situations, in their goals/dreams and in their motivations and areas of fear and uncertainty. Both plans are Advanced Levels of Serious Commitment. You know your goals. You are not afraid to dream big and you are determined to achieve them.
  • Having someone in your life who is invested in your best interest is a privilege, especially if this someone is trained and educated to guide you and illuminate the way for you.
  • The sessions are 60 minutes long each, once a week.


  • Everything that you discuss with your coach is strictly confidential and won’t be disclosed to anyone without your consent.
  • Should you wish/prefer to follow one of our structured programs (see the programs tab under the services) as the base of your coaching sessions, this is totally workable - just talk with your coach.
  • Payment Options:based on what coaching plan you choose, you can:

                 * Pay in full for the plan or

                 * Pay in two separate and equal payments

                 * Pay in three separate and equal payments

                 * Pay monthly

  • Your payment is your purchase order. It takes place before your coaching sessions begin.
  • At Dare-Aim-Succeed, we treat all information as confidential and it is never to be shared with anyone unless there is a potential threat to our client or someone else, then the information needs to be shared with the appropriate professional organizations that can deal with such threats.
  • The work with our clients often includes a set of questionnaires. Under this confidentiality agreement, our clients are asked to keep all their questionnaires confidential and to NOT distribute them to anyone without the written consent from the chairman of Dare-Aim-Succeed Inc.

D) Disclaimer:
Since the success factors listed above, differ from one individual to another, only you can guarantee your results. Everyone is unique in every way. It is very important that your results serve your needs. As human beings, once we learn and broaden our thinking, everyone of us then builds their own blueprint that is ideal for their life.

E) Confidentiality Agreement:
Especially during the one-on-one coaching sessions, a lot of information is shared between our clients and their coaches.

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