Welcome to Dare-Aim-Succeed... (D-A-S)

Dare  to Dream
Aim  to Pursue your Dream
Succeed  to Overcome the Setbacks, to Keep Moving Forward, and to Staying True to who you want to become

We Believe:

- "We become what we practice". We work with you on developing the person that you want to become.

- "Success is the harmonious balance between one's professional aspirations and their personal dreams".

We Aspire to Help Our Clients: "
Live Empowered, Inspired, and Loving Life".

Our Mission is to help
YOU align your dreams & goals with your personal Vision by:
- Crystallizing your thinking
- Developing a productive & constructive mindset
- Establishing a specific direction & destination for your own life
- Working towards your personal growth

Our Goal is to help
YOU reach Self-Mastery using the POWER OF 3. The three most important factors of living the life of your dreams:
- Clarity
- Focus
- Motivation to Move Forward

With the
POWER OF 3, there is nothing that YOU can’t do or achieve.
With the
POWER OF 3, YOU can:
- Design & plan your ideal life
- Manage your emotions and your relationships
- Succeed in your respective career
- Grow your business

All & more while maintaining the right balance that makes
YOU happy & successful.

Dare-Aim-Succeed is your home for leadership coaching and personal growth.

With the right mindset, personal mastery and emotional intelligence you can step into any situation, handle yourself and the situation with calmness & grace while staying true to your values and inspiring positive change in others.

If you are a parent, you are a leader. If you are a spouse, you are a leader. If you are an entrepreneur, you are a leader. If you are a business owner, you are a leader. If you are an employee, you are leader. If you are a student, you are a leader. Every day you get lots of opportunities to influence others and make a choice that either inspires you or expires you.

Come as an individual, group, or a couple.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Please check out the services we offer. We love to help you in any way we can.


2016, Amel Abouelhassan

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