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Senior Infrastructure Manager

Finance Industry

I worked with Amel for two years. The services I needed were Leadership Coaching. At the time, I had just been appointed to be in charge of all the IT functions after a merge and acquisition.

Over the course of those two years, Amel helped me bridge the gap between working with the big enterprise style and the small development shop style. Once this has become clear for me, I was able to help the acquired small company to merge gradually within the texture of the enterprise - while accepting the fact that realistically there will never be 100% merge. This acceptance created a tremendous level of mutual respect, high level of collaboration, and the setting of healthy work-related boundaries.

Amel helped me to achieve smooth integration and increase the moral of the acquired business.

Amel has high positive energy & remarkable psychological analysis skills & insights, which helped me resolve a lot of cultural conflicts. I appreciate Amel's brilliance and I enjoy working with her. Thank you, you made my life easier and the results were phenomenal for me and my team. I strongly recommend working with Amel. You need to be willing to do the work and own your mistakes/judgement/baggage.


Small Business Owner

Food Industry

I acquired the service of Amel for business coaching. I needed help turning my struggling restaurant business into a successful & profitable one. Amel engaged in monitoring & analyzing the daily activities & performance of the restaurant staff. Quickly she identified the points of strengths & weaknesses. She took us - the management team through a process of identifying roles & responsibilities. She assessed the operational model in the kitchen and recommended enhancements that increase the moral, the cooperation, as well eliminating un-monitored waste that leaked money. She suggested changes in the menu to make it more cost-effective. She talked with the staff and understood their issues & concerns. She sat down & watched the customers and their experience while at the restaurant. At one point, she picked a tray and went to one of the tables greeting the customers and asking them about what they love to see improved and what brought them in the first place. In a very short time, Amel effectively pin-pointed areas for improvement in different areas of the restaurants from the front greeting desk all the way to the kitchen waste. Very impressive is all I could say. I highly recommend her.


Member of Board of Directors

Non-for-Profit Organization

I wasn't sure what I really needed when I acquired the services of Amel. I felt that my life had been on hold for quite sometime but couldn't quite understand why or what I could do about it. I achieved three things during the coaching sessions with Amel: Clarity, Focus and Motivation. My life had been a series of adventures. I thought I was happy and all is good. I was allowing life to take me whatever it wished and I was plowing through - strong & with a big smile on my face. All was good, I thought, until my wife passed and my only daughter left the home to start her life. I then realized that I wasn't even sure what I want to do or what matters to me. Amel helped me see all that. Quickly she identified the patterns in my behavior and in my thinking. She identified my natural strengths and my weaknesses. She clarified how some of the things I went through in my life have created lingering trauma - despite me thinking of myself as strong. After the coaching I became clear how I want to spend the rest of my life. I quit my job and I started a new endeavor. Amel, I appreciate you. You are gifted and with a good heart. I highly recommend working with Amel.


Dentist & Business Co-Founder

Fashion Industry

Dear Amel, I want to thank you for my journey with you. It wasn't too long in my opinion but I think it was great & very successful. You brought me back from a wrong direction that I was going through and put me on the right path. When I look at myself now, I can find a big change that happened to me in a short period of time. You helped me to feel peace in my heart. You helped me to know I want, holding my hands to be more confident with my decisions, to have a clear vision, to see things/people differently, to feel the gratitude, to show my love to people around me --- which helped me in-return to feel their love to me,

You helped me to face my problems & to be patient & learn how to solve them. With all my heart, thank you Amel for your time, your honest advice, your care to bring the happiness back to my soul & heart. All my best wishes to you. I love you.


Financial Advisor

Insurance Industry

I want to say thanks to you, Amel, for being such a wonderful coach. I met Amel a year & half ago, in one of the toastmasters meetings and from day one I admired her speaking skills, her passion for life, for work, for family & for helping people.

I chose Amel as my coach & was fascinated by how much my life changed.

Amel, you are a great listener. You never change my ideas or impose anything on me. Instead you always encourage me. You are always there if I need anything to ask or whenever I fall prey to doubts again. And more importantly you believed in me when no-one else did, including myself and you never gave up on me. You taught me how to honor & love myself; how to see my strengths & use them; how to appreciate & love life more.

If I am to write about you, there will be countless things & I will run out of words. I look at myself now & I see a successful & happy woman versus what was a total wreck. I am very thankful to you for being my coach. With you, Amel, there is always more to learn.

If you (the reader of this testimonial) are feeling lost or alone, I was there. I highly recommend Amel.


Business Analyst & Project Coordinator

IT Industry

Amel, you are a charismatic leader who has a truly magentic personality. Amel, you helped me build my self-confidence & overcome my fears. You are a person who is genuinely interested in the development of others & making a difference in the world. You inspire excellence & goodness in the people you coach. You believe in them more than they sometimes believe in themselves. God bless you, Amel. You are a gift.


Small Business Owner

Private Detective

I always feel better after my coaching session with Amel. I don't know how she manages to bring the best of me to the surface. Amel helped me see myself in a new way that I never did see before. I feel that I am comfortable & somewhat proud of who I am capable of being & doing. This 'capable' is the real key, she taught me. For anyone looking for a coach, you can't go wrong with a positive coach. Positivity empowers & pushes forward.


Marketing Specialist

Telecommunications Industry

I'm writing this testimonial to recognize my amazing coach and one of the best people I met in my life. Amel began guiding me & working with me in May of 2015 and since then I could easily say that this has & continues to be a life-changing experience. She isn't only my coach, but a great friend now too. I came to Amel when I was at the lowest phase in my life. I was extremely depressed & had reached a level that was beyond my self-power & endurance. I came to her with suicidal thoughts in which I hated myself (physically & mentally). I had no goals, nothing to look up to. I felt unloved & lonely. The only thing I was doing was being extremely aggressive, mean & hateful to myself with words & behaviors - actions by which I was harming my inner-core, soul and body. The feeling of giving-up on life, your passions & friends is truly the worst one could experience no matter the reason behind it. I was against meeting a life coach or someone who could help me until I agreed to sit with Amel for one meeting. 30 minutes in and I started opening-up (something I never thought I'd do) & telling her (indirectly with my body language) - please HELP ME! Guess what? She heard my unspoken words & desperate chants without needing me to say it or show it.

And now, 9 months passed (can't believe it). The first thing she told me & explained clearly was how this is a long-term process of finding one's happiness & ultimate inner-gratitude. Slowly but surely I started to see myself evolve & kill the barrier that put me in that black hole. From daily exercises, video tutorials, meditation techniques, to life changing books and articles that simply send you WOW and Ah-ha moments. Amel tailored the process to my needs & prioritized the steps according to what she saw was essential to address first.

I'm happy to say that the plan has worked miracles and made me see life in a very different way than where I was. I'm far from where I want to be still on several levels but the beauty of my coach's school sis that you manage to love yourself & see the light in this life AS you go through the whole process & attempt to reach where you want to be. THIS IS THE CHALLENGE.

Every day I'm grateful for the force that brought us together & made her hold my hand through my toughest times..Coach Amel's undivided attention, dedication & determination is what kept us going. She never missed one session, one question, one request, of need. In addition to her ongoing monitoring & teaching that she does when you least expect it.

Again, it's easy to say "Things will get better" or "hang in there" or "do this or that". The challenge is commitment, belief ad practice. Amel is the one who helps you see these three points and the beauty in life & makes you see the purest form of yourself in which you will see will be GREAT (no matter how down you feel ).

Thank you, Amel, for your continuous support, pressing my rest button, your guidance, love, commitment & ongoing advice that gets me through every single day. I can already see a major difference in myself & the closest people around me notice it too. I'm grateful for the past & excited to continue & see what life has saved for me as I continue to nourish my mind, soul & body. Cheers to you Amel, and to our continued journey together.

You changed my life,

your student,



Retired Vice Principal

Amel, you have boundless energy - that really does keep the audience engaged. You seem to really care about making a difference in the audience's lives. Your focus is on your message, rather than yourself. You project great joy. You bring your audience 'UP' to experience your joy of life with you - that's something you can't teach, but you have it!


Non-for-Profit Organization

Every time we invite you, our members are eager to hear you. It's very nice of you to give us the wonderful opportunity of hearing your speeches.



Amel, I can't wait to hear another one of your speeches. The first time I heard you, two years ago, about the painter is indelibly etched on my mind.


College Student & Yoga Instructor

I really enjoyed your speech. You are a true inspiration. It was excellent & entertaining.

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