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Excellence Mastery Workshops/Programs

1) Personal Mastery

Definition: 6-week Program that is designed to boost self-esteem through self- awareness, strength-based mindset and value-based living. A phenomenal program.

Organizations that choose this program:
-  are keen about creating a culture of creativity, innovation and loyalty
-  have a mission to take their business to the next level. They do have bigger/fiercer competition and are determined to strengthen their confidence for higher levels of success and market penetration

2) Emotional and Communication Intelligence
Definition: 9-week Program that is designed to highly elevate the level of communication by implementing the science of emotional intelligence and utilizing the neurological interpretation of how human beings communicate, in order to achieve higher levels of understanding among teams and individuals across all levels of the organization. A brilliant program.

Organizations that choose this program:
-  are keen about taking pride in creating a more coherent workplace from the top-down as well as the down-up
-  have a mission to create a more effective culture. A fresh culture that fascinates ease in communication, better relationships and more cooperation - which leads to frequent success stories and phenomenal results

3) Flourishing-Oriented Mindset
Definition: 6-week Program. One of a kind fun yet essential program. It is like the A, B, C of how to view life in a positive light. This program is designed to help people become willingly more active, productive and cooperative. A fascinating program.

Organizations that choose this program:
-  are keen about achieving great success by investing in their staff from a different angle that instills loyalty and eagerness to serve
-  have a mission of attracting new and different customers that are excited and intrigued about doing business with them - mainly because they have brought their staff to a new higher-level of mental and emotional well-being that is their default platform of conducting business

Depending on the needs of your organization, we can help you achieve the results you desire.

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